Required Plugins

  • Draw2D (part of the GEF toolkit):
  • Download

    You can always get the latest version here . Or you can install using the Update Manager from Eclipse.

    Install - Update Manager (Eclipse 2.1.x)

    • You can install the HiberClipse using the Update Manager ( Screenshot ):
    • Open the Update Manager perspective in Eclipse.
    • In the "Feature Updates" view, right-click and do: New --> Site Bookmark...
    • Fill in the field "Name" with HiberClipse , and "URL" with ""
    • A new bookmark "HiberClipse" has been added. Expand it and click on the "Install" button in the "Preview" view.
    • Restart Eclipse


    Install - Update Manager (Eclipse 3)

    •  To install HiberClipse in Eclipse 3, use  ""

    Install - Zip (Only Eclipse 2.1.x)

    • First, download the latest version of the plugin.
    • Unzip the archive in your eclipse plugin directory.
    • Start Eclipse
    • Prepare your project to use Hibernate.